Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hey Everybody!

I had a great opportunity to attend the Rio 2 Premier and Party last week in Miami Beach with Mr. George Lopez.

What a great experience, except that…. I was in the midst of a “Sun damaged skin treatment”… ON MY FACE!

I went to the doctor to get a few Sun Spots removed and he suggested that I use this “Special Cream” to bring out the all of the pre-cancerous spots and get rid of them all at once.

I didn't know that this "Special Cream” was bottled radiation poisoning. After a couple days I noticed some reddening on my face. After two weeks, you’d swear I’d gotten a swirly in a deep fryer. My face was like a tomato with raised sores from ear to ear – forehead to chin. Not only was I looking my best, I couldn’t be exposed to the sun at all.

I was meeting the Celebs from the movie and every time I did, I felt the need to blurt out, “I have a condition!” They all said about the same thing, “Don’t’ be so concerned, you can hardly see anything.” But I know what they were thinking, “What the hell kind of condition can this dude have? Does he just eat way too much chocolate or was he involved in The Manhattan Project?”

To tell you the truth, everyone, especially Mr. Lopez who is currently staring in Saint George - Thursdays at 9 on FX was very cool to me in Miami Beach and they all pretended that nothing was wrong with my face. When it was all over they gave Mr. Lopez a nice send off with a Champaign Toast and tons of compliments on his performance… they gave me a Gross of Stridex Pads and a 64 gallon drum of Proactive Solution.

Yeah, I’m sure…”You can hardly see anything.”